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Special mention

There are some people that I am very grateful to and without whom I could not have reached this level of competition without. They have supported me financially, emotionally and practically over the year.

Sten-Erik Javing - who is the single greatest sponsor of my racing and horse activities
Elisabeth Kihlberg - who stepped in and helped me with three of the qualifying races and also contributed the beautiful Swedish coloured race tack
Erik Engquist - who has supported my racing from the start and didn't let me give up when times were tough
Kattie Shah - who lets me ride her horse
Ben - my personal trainer who is generous with his time
Darolyn Butler - without whom this dream would never have been born

Elisabeth Kihlberg
Anders, Jessica, and Lily
Suzanne Dahlérus
Carolinne Dahlérus
Heather Schlesinger
Susan Drouilhet
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 2