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Competing at international level is a whole different story than enjoying the odd local ride. The first big difference is the amount of paperwork and set of rules one is submitted to as well as the athletic qualification criteria. I will not go too heavy into the details at this point, but instead let you know the relevant stuff:

To be able to ride WEG both the horses and people have to have made a certain number of FEI (international level) rides. This can be done individually. Then, to be eligible to ride the WEG, the horse and rider has to beat the qualifying time of 12 hours 18 minutes on a 100 mile course as a team. The Swedish Federation also requires a minimum speed of 15km/h to make the team. This is my aim for the spring racing.

Current qualification status

I am currently qualified into the WEG as a team with Comett. This was achieved on December 19 in Florida when we ran a 100 mile race in 11h 01 minutes.

However - I need to complete at least one more FEI race to be eligible to ride WEG. R Tse needs two more races.


My plan over the spring of 2010 is to first of all qualify with R Tse to the WEG. I will also try to qualify with one other horse so that I have altogether 3 horses to choose from once the day of WEG comes.

January 28-30
Gallop on the Greenway, Ocala Florida
100 miles

March 5-7
Fun in the Sun (FITS)
75 miles & 100 miles

April 24
Bluebonnet, Decatur, Texas
100 miles

May 15
Swedish Championships (tentative), Sweden
100 miles