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I currently have two horses that I am aiming to qualify with.


R Tse (Artsee) is a bay gelding born in 1998. He is a pure Arabian and owned by myself. I have had him since 2006. R Tse is fairly big for an Arabian and stands at 15.1 hands (153 cm). His greatest racing qualities is his great heart rate (his resting heart rate is 24 bpm), calm disposition and huge extended trot. When we first started endurance he was not very interested but nowadays it is hard to make him stop running. Being on trail with R Tse is like sharing a good time with a close friend - a pleasure.

R Tse is one of the kindest horses I have ever encountered. People fall in love with him in the barn and on trail. The veterinarians love him. He is the epitome of "tall, dark and handsome". In the pasture he only hangs with the mares and has a whole harem of girls around him. He is also very communicative and will let me know what is going on with him. His favourite food is apples.

R Tse at Armadillo

Comett is a bay gelding born in 200. He is a pure Arabian and owned by Kattie Shah. Comett is actually a Swedish descendent from the Aladdinn line. Aladdinn was born and bred in Sweden and exported to the US as a 3-year old.

Comett is fairly small - (14.2 would not suspect it riding him, and Comett himself know nothing about this. I am very impressed with this horse that has a bundle of everything an endurance horse should have. He is fast, strong, tenacious, have a huge heart, calm in vetchecks and he is very good at looking after himself on trail. If I could only use one word to describe Comett it would be "professional". He knows his task and he loves doing it. It is a pleasure and an honour to get to ride him.